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  • I'm an Electrical Engineer (EECS, University of Colorado, 1982)
  • I am based in Boulder, Colorado.
  • I am an electronics consultant with 30 years of experience in the field.
  • I have developed many consumer and scientific products.
  • I have designed electronics for clients since 1974.
  • I have been doing full time consulting since 1993.
  • US patents: 5,956,249, 5,913,763, 5,822,427, 5,535,274,
  • Founder of Hybrids Plus
Davide in Jamestown, 4th of July


 About us
 DAVIDE  Box 80306-4825 USA / 1-303-413-1500
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These are some the areas in which I have exceptional expertise.
Completeness of documentation My clients consistently praise the quality, completeness and depth of my documentation, especially in release packages.
The art of consumer products design I have a keen sense of what it takes to make a product reliable, easily manufacturable, and inexpensive.
Bringing the quality of high level programming to assembly code I use very well documented, block-oriented programming (spaghetti-free) in embedded processors, for clean, easily maintainable and efficient code.
The art of electro-mechanical design In many mechanical products, my electronics and software are seamlessly integrated with the mechanics, fully aware of the limitations of mechanics, and indeed bringing mechanical performance to an unexpected high level.
I offer you my inventions I often bring to the product new inventions, which the client then patents.
Pass FCC the 1st time! Products I develop almost always pass FCC tests the 1st time.

 About us
 DAVIDE  Box 80306-4825 USA / 1-303-413-1500
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These are some the more unique skills I developed.
  • Hand-coded HTML design.
  • 3-D modeling of spaces.
  • Complex JAVA applets and applications.
  • Familiarity with FCC, UL, CSA and VDE regulatory requirements and certification procedures.
  • Studio photography of clients' products.

Programming languages.
  • High level languages
    • HTML
    • Java
    • Python
    • Objective C
    • Pascal
    • Basic
    • Hypercard
  • Assembly languages for embedded processors:
    • Microchip PIC series
    • Motorola 6800 series
    • NEC 78 series
 About us
 DAVIDE  Box 80306-4825 USA / 1-303-413-1500
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